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Providing insurance to all Americans, 
regardless of your risk factors or pre-existing conditions.

With Protection, and Coverage for ALL

At American Protection Life, we believe insurance should be affordable and available for all Americans. Normal insurance companies try to sell you their own insurance, regardless of cost or benefits.  

At APL, we're not a "normal" insurance company. We're insurance brokers. That means we find the best insurance your health and budget will allow. Our experts help you apply, so you can be approved and covered as soon as possible.  

Risks, and Pre-Existing Conditions

We know how it feels. Life happens. When faced with a tough medical condition or new diagnosis, we think about our loved ones, and what we can do to make things better. We specialize in helping people with tough conditions, like AFib, COPD, diabetes, lupus, heart attacks, and even multiple sclerosis.

All Personal Circumstances are Welcome

Since we have relationships with insurance carriers all across the country, we're able to get the best insurance for all kinds of people. Are you healthy, or less than healthy? We have you covered. On a fixed income? We can help. Very often, we help people with weight issues, and even find life insurance for disabled veterans.

No Medical Exams

Regardless of your health or personal circumstances, we can find you coverage with no medical exam. No one will knock on your door, or visit your home. All it takes is a quick phone call to 800-969-7894.

American Protection Life

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