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Life Insurance for Overweight Applicants

Let's start by saying that "overweight" is a relative word for most people. If you've been turned down for being above certain weight limits, we certainly understand. Usually, life insurance carriers will care about your weight, and most of them will have different weight requirements if you are male or female.  Your best move is to find a carrier that will accept your current weight, along with other conditions you may have.

It's definitely possible to secure life insurance for healthy adults that are very heavy. Even if you have other conditions, it's very likely we can help.

Can You be Denied Life Insurance for Being Overweight?

Yes. It happens often. A lot of our clients come to us after being denied life insurance. We help them find carriers who will happily accept them with open arms.

Life insurance for overweight applicants

What Does Life Insurance Consider Overweight?

This varies by carrier, which is why it's so important to speak with a broker (like us) who can offer many different insurance options.

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